What's Unique About Pohaku T's


Our Name. We took a Hawaiian word, "Pohaku", meaning "rock" or "stone" for the name of our store.
Our designs. We offer the finest in Hawaiian and souvenir theme T-shirts and tank tops (catalog), printed on stylish and attractive stonewashed, overdyed, and crystalwashed shirts.
All of our artwork and designs are done in house, or by full-time Kaua'i residents.
All of our shirts are printed on Kaua'i.
All of our clothing and crafts are made on Kaua'i. We buy from dozens of local families and crafters every month.
Our "Aloha" shirts are cut and sewn by local seamstresses from unique and stylish fabrics purchased by us.
Our prices include the sales tax. The price listed on the tag is what you pay.
Our prices are rounded to the whole dollar so our cash and check customers won't be burdened with coins.
We offer a free self-published guidebook to our customers featuring our favorite restaurants, plus activities, shopping and more. www.guidebooklet.com
Our store opens up on two sides so you feel like you're shopping in an open-air market.
We're open Mon - Sat, 10 am - 6 pm, Sun, 10 am - 5 pm. Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's.
We have a two person swing for customer relaxation in our store.*

To make shopping easier, we separate shirt sizes by hanger color.
Obviously, you won't find us on the main drag!
Barefoot shopping is allowed.
We have a bench and a relaxing glider on our shaded lanai for customer comfort.



*Originally intended for husbands so the wives could shop undisturbed, kids, wives, employees, and store owners have all been found in the swing from time to time.