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T-shirts and related clothing including:

Men's T's, S to 4X Ladies' V-neck T's Pocket T's
Tank Tops, S to 2X Ladies' Cap Sleeves Muscle (Sleeveless) T's
Ladies' T's Ladies' 3/4 sleeves Kids' T's
Ladies Full Cut T's Long Sleeve T's T-Dresses
Ladies' Tanks Polo Shirts Sweatshirts


Locally-made clothing* including:

Aloha (Hawaiian) Shirts Caftans
Ladies' Aloha Blouses Girls' Sun Dresses
Mandarin Collar Blouses Boys' Aloha Shirts
Sleeveless Aloha Blouses Hand-painted Dresses
Robes Onesies
Baby Hats  


We purchase 100% cotton poplin fabric by the roll, and provide it to local seamstresses who cut and sew it into our quality aloha shirts (left). We also purchase 100% cotton batik fabrics (rite) to provide you with truly distinctive, unique and comfortable tropical shirts.


Locally-made crafts* including:

Aprons Art Prints Barbie Accessories
Bibs Books Candles
Checkbook Covers Coasters Condiments
Golf Towels Kitchen Accessories Magnets
Music CD's Napkins Neem
Photographs Placemats Pot Holders
Purses Shoulder Packs Soaps
Table Runners Tiles Much More

*Because these items are frequently changing, we do not offer all of them thrue our catalog. However, if you are familiar with specific items, we may be able to procure them for you. We endeavor to keep the store well supplied in all of the above, or with suitable replacements.



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